Jas Singh graduated from Central St Martins in 2012 with a BA Fine Art exploring time-based, durational performative and interdisciplinary practices. His work addresses sociopolitical current affairs. Interplaying with dissonant audio, installations, sculpture, video as well as interactive live performative art primarily interplaying with the audience.

Life changes in 2014 resulted in neurological complications forcing Jas to take a hiatus. In 2018 he returned to the arts and reconfigured his method of practice from audio dissonance to considering visual overload with the same intent.

Over the past year Jas has been performing his work  S A B O T A G E  via live online streams to assail the audience - who are placed within the spectacle of a news culture that reflects and amplifies the chaos of contemporary politics and events. The backdrop to this visual cacophony is the uncertainty and constant BREAKING NEWS.

He has been currently working on the notion of mass surveillance as it has become increasingly a part of all our lives. Traditional architecture associated with control and the observation of the individual; for example, prisons, schools and places of work  with recent events from home, have arguably been replaced by a more insidious system of surveillance, such as electronic systems of control, which are equally as effective without the necessary confinement provided by four tangible walls.

Looking at this new system of control has become a platform for social politics to be manoeuvred and its intangibility provides an invisible means through which an individuals movements and thoughts can be tracked and recorded. More recently it appears to have become necessary to overtly comply with this covert system of surveillance if one is to be a fully functioning member of society.